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Mark Adams
January 29, 2020 | Mark Adams

Hustle & Flow

In This Issue:

1. Can't Stop Won't Stop
2. Getting Ready to Bottle Our First Bien Nacido Syrah
3. The Lineage of Ledge Vineyards
4. Get Your Rosé On
5. MCA Cuvée is in the House
6. LedgeFest is ON
7. Today's Photos From the Adams Ranch Vineyard 


Two new releases have been bottled already this year and next month we will bottle one more. A Decker Kitchen winemaker dinner is scheduled for February 9th. You best giddy up if you want a seat. They are going fast. Giddy up you say? Lone Ranger? No, it's the Rhone Rangers Paso Robles wine tasting event on February 16th at the Paso Robles Event Center. Will Ledge be there? Yes. Hi Yo Silver, Away!  Any Angelenos in the house? We love LA! California Wine Stars is an already sold-out event February 19th at LaBrea Bakery. Come at us oenephiles. Do you copy Michigan? Talk to me goose. We're coming for you February 25th-28th. Grand Rapids and beyond. Ledge is going to cover that mitten like a smitten kitten. Inquire within for details on February happenings.


It's as simple as that. The 2018 Ledge Bien Nacido Syrah tastes spectacular and is ready to be transferred from barrel to tank and from tank to bottle. Our first foray into Santa Barbara County, we will bottle 168 cases of this dazzling fruit juice in the middle of February just in time for our Spring release.


This has been mentioned before, but we all know how long the current humanoid attention span lasts.

Look! Squirrel!

This is a very special thing for us, the source of our vines. We are working to perfect our message to accurately express the soul of our little enterprise. The Adams Ranch Vineyard (hence Ledge) was planted from Estrella Clone Syrah that originated from the Bone Rock terraces at James Berry Vineyard (hence Saxum).  The Bone Rock vines were sourced from Bien Nacido's Estrella Clone Syrah (and back to Ledge).  The triangle is complete. Our Block 11 Estrella Clone Syrah is our Grandparent, so to speak. Where it all began and where it is now returning. We couldn't be more excited about bottling up our grandparents and sharing them with you. 


The 2019 Ledge - James Berry Vineyard Rosé of Counoise is in bottle and selling faster than fireworks on the 1st of July. This isn't a sales pitch, it's the truth. Go to the shop and buy now if you want any for Spring or Summer time. If Terry or Pebble are reading this, I've got some saved for you. For the rest of you, get it while the getting is good.


Hailed as the "Value play" from Jeb Dunnuck, the 2017 MCA Cuvée is bottled but not available until we release it to wine club. This is a blend of Grenache, Cinsaut, Tannat, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Zinfandel. All of those grapes come through, believe it or not. We bottled less than 70 cases. Wine club gets dibs. Sign up for wine club here.


Four bands, kid friendly fun, comfort food, Ledge wines, local beer and cider and more in the Field of Dreams at the Adams Ranch. LedgeFest II is a private extravaganza meant to say THANKS to our wine club, friends and family who have supported Ciera and my dream to deveop a small, sustainable farming project and business. Unless you know the name of my dog and where I hide the chalice of Nogramoor, you are unlikely to attend this event unless you click the wine club button here


Now, for the visual learners amongst us, photographs!

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Mark Adams
January 22, 2020 | Mark Adams

Back in Black

To quote Neil Diamond, "Hello again, hello..."

We'd like to thank everyone who showed up for our pop up at 15C Wine Shop in Templeton last Sunday. Wow, what a showing! There was a moment there at about 2:10pm (the event was from 2-5pm) when Ciera and I said to shop owner Ali Carscaden, "Whelp, looks like it's just going to be us."

And then... BAM! 

The place was packed within minutes and remained that way until well after 5pm. It was our pleasure to taste with so many of you and we were overwhelmed with the amount of wine that was purchased. So, on behalf of ourselves and 15C Wine Shop in Templeton, thank you!

We have wine for sale CLICK HERE

The other highlight of last Sunday was meeting and tasting with Dodger All-Stars Joc Pederson and Austin Barnes who came through Paso Robles on a weekend holiday. Super nice guys and very complimentary about the wines (Saxum hosted at the caves and Turtle Rock was poured as well). Thanks to Justin Smith for including me in the tasting and also to Eric Jensen who put them up at the Booker Estate and recommended our wines. Gracias!

This place is getting downright fancy.



Finally, I am pleased to report we are all in ship-shape health-wise here on the ranch. Ciera and Elizabeth managaed to avoid the worst of the winter bug going around. Hooray!

Stay well everyone and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions!


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Mark Adams
January 15, 2020 | Mark Adams

Back to the Future


I hope most of you haven't gotten it, this nasty cold that's going around. I came down with it hard yesterday and my head feels like it's going to explode. What's worse, my kid got a hover craft for Christmas and the rumble it makes as she tears around the house is not helping the aching in my head. It's wonderful really, this motorized scooter thing that her Grandparents got for her, but she does everything but bathe on the damn thing. I'm not certain that she doesn't bring it into the bathroom with her.  I'm sitting here, trying to write about our big James Berry Vineyard Rosé bottling tomorrow, and it sounds like a damn earthquake is going to hit. Nope, it's Elizabeth headed to the pantry for a snack. Once her treat is chosen, she will then swivel on a dime to the microwave to warm up said treat. Once the treat is toasty, she realizes she wants to snack and do her homework at the same time. So, she does a few 360 degree turns for style points and zips down the hall, with our two cats and the geriatric dog all diving for safety as she makes like Mario Andretti to fetch her books.

I can't complain, so I won't. The cold is beginning to subside and my excitement for bottling day is overwhelming my desire to belly ache. I am so proud of this rosé and I know my wife Ciera will be thrilled when she gets to taste it for the first time. So there you have it. Tomorrow is rosé day, and if you would like to buy some, it's up in the shop. This is the 2019 James Berry Vineyard Rosé of Counoise and with a total bottling of 85 cases, it's not going to be in stock long.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this quote from Doc:

"The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"


Below: one of the last few bottles of our last vintage of JBV Rosé. 

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Mark Adams
January 8, 2020 | Mark Adams

Big Green Country

Well folks, here we are again. Another Wednesday has come and gone. Welcome to the weekly Ledge Vineyards blog-o-rama!

It was a lovely day for us here on the rancho. We blended a few small lots of wine and delivered them to a couple of restaurants in Southern California: Decker Kitchen in Westlake Village and We're Pouring in Glendale. Both of these fine establishments will have Ledge Grenache by the glass every day. We don't make many kegs but are having fun with it. It's a neat way to get our wines out to a wider audience. Perhaps exposing Ledge wines those who haven't heard of us, aren't really Rhône varietal afficianados, or folks who aren't aware that Paso Robles is an exploding wine region.

It's big. green country.

Look at the greenery!

Whelp, that's it for me tonight. You see, my daughter and I are going to film a bunch of silly videos with computer generated backgrounds like the Eiffel Tower, Hawaii, Under the Sea, Rollercoaster... you get the picture.

Stay tuned, I am going to start recording farmer and winemaker videos that relate to all of our releases as well as the practices employed here on the estate vineyard.

TTFN and see ya later aligators.





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Mark Adams
January 1, 2020 | Mark Adams

New Things to Expect From Ledge in 2020


Hello Reader,

Welcome to a new year and the bottom of a new decade. We have exciting things to report, so let's jump right into it.

January will bring us closer to the release of two new wines, the 2017 MCA Cuvèe and a limited bottling of the 2019 James Berry Vineyard Rosé. MCA Cuvèe is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsaut, and the Rosé is from Counoise. We will be offering select establishments kegs of the red blend, so ask for it in wine bars that carry wines on tap. This is an exciting and fun move for us, since we can offer very special and sometimes even single barrel selections of delicious Ledge wines. 


We will be hosting a Ledge Pop Up Tasting at 15 Degrees C Wine shop in Templeton, California on January 19th from 2-5pm. Ciera and I will be on hand to discuss the wines, the farming and how to join us at the estate for private tastings.


Due to the overwhelming success of our December dinner, Decker Kitchen in Westlake Village will host another event on February 9th. Stand by for RSVP information on that one.


Mark your calendars for April 18th. Wine club members will get the first chance to RSVP for this private event, which will feature select Ledge wines, food, live music and overnight camping in our vineyard meadow. This is an invitation only situation, so please email us with questions about wine club membership for the festivities.

We are making a move to host three such festivals annually. One here at the Adams Ranch, one in Northern California and one in Southern California. 

We are alsways available to discuss winemaker dinners, private tastings and pop up tastings, no matter the size. Music is always fun for us to organize and incorporate into these tastings, so let us help you make it memorable. Contact us for details.


We are very excited to release our first vintage of Bien Nacido Syrah. As we develop the Adams Ranch Vineyard we will be focusing on three estates: James Berry Vineyard, Bien Nacido Vineyard and Adams Ranch Vineyard. Stay tuned for release details.

More next week. 

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Mark & Ciera 



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