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Mark Adams
June 26, 2019 | Mark Adams

I'm Alright

Today I missed my brother. 

So I called him.

Looks like we are golfing soon.



Mom and Dad took us to see Kenny Loggins at the California Mid-State Fair back in the 80s. 

Danger Zone.

Good times. 

We saw Alabama that same fair.

Those dudes kicked ass.

Thanks Mom and Dad.



I'm alright
Don't nobody worry 'bout me
You got to gimme a fight
Why don't you just let me be

-Kenneth Loggins & Clark Loggins


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Mark Adams
June 19, 2019 | Mark Adams

Are You Experienced

Popular culture outlets generally describe the lifestyle of wine-farmers as delectable, romantic, intellectual, chic, luxurious, bacchanalian, worldly, artisinal, earthy, elite or in any number of other glossy magazine terms.

Sometimes it is none, one, many, or all of these things.

For me, familial sums it up best.

One of the most worldy people I have ever encountered in my life comes from this little town of Templeton.

A neighbor since before kindergarten, he barely socializes outside of church and gets by grazing a few cattle, making charcoal, fixing tractors and doing a few other simple but devoted tasks.

He is content in his Willow Creek shack (tin roof and all), eating simple foods and keeping to himself, even though he is reportedly worth a fortune in real estate.  None of his lands are planted to grapes and nothing is for sale. He drives the same shitty little truck I have seen him driving for decades. 

Pretty sure he is a bachelor.

Always joyful. Always friendly.

Knows the going rate for diesel and tractor work every day.

His parcels mostly lay fallow as far as I know.

I don't ask. 

I'm buying a used tractor from him sooner than later.

We exchange happy waves every time we pass on these country roads, which is almost daily.

I am too tired to continue tonight.

I'll be back to the bachannalian bounce of the tractor tomorrow.

Night Ma, night Pa.

Night brother dude.

Night Sister lady.

Night sweet wife and yer folks.

Nighty lil' bean bag daughter-girl.


Trumpets and violins I can hear in the distance
I think they're calling our names
Maybe now you can't hear them, but you will
If you just take hold of my hand

Ah but Are You Experienced
Have you ever been experienced

Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful

(Jimi Hendrix, Are you Experienced)

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Mark Adams
June 12, 2019 | Mark Adams

Let's Cool One

Summer is officially here!

The weather on the ranch this week has been pretty wild. Running hot and cool. It was i the 100s earlier this week but today was quite pleasant. This grape growing region benefits from extreme diurnal shifts, which are especially dramatic in the Willow Creek sub AVA. We often experience days in the 100s followed by evenings in the 60s. The vines love these blasts of heat and sun in the daytime, maximizing growth and ripeness follwed by a cooling ocean-influenced recharge overnight.

We are doing irrigtion repairs in the vineyard to make sure all of our younger blocks get the water needed to thrive. We've already done our shoot thinning and preliminary fruit drop, ensuring maximum, even ripenning and allowing for air to flow through the canopy. This is especially helpful to prevent mildew and rot which can be brought on by foggy socked in mornings.

We've bottled the Adams Ranch and James Berry Vineyard 2017s which will ship to wine club in the Fall and are enjoying having the little one around during the day. We made a Sunday trip to Lake Nacimiento for some boating and rock diving and Ciera took Elizabeth to The Ravine water park yesterday fo some dare-devil watersliding fun. We hop you all are enjoying your Summer. Good time of year for rosé and Grenache Blanc.

Taker Easy,


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Mark Adams
June 5, 2019 | Mark Adams

Back on the Block

Keeping it short tonight as it is bottling day tomorrow.

Coming down the line:

2017 James Berry Vineyard (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Roussanne)

2017 Adams Ranch Vineyard (Syrah, Grenache, Roussanne, Mourvedre)

Below are some snaps promised to you last week.

Until next time,
Git 'er done.

Meter by Meter Block (Syrah), Adams Ranch Vineyard. June 5, 2019, 8:15pm.
The Fin (Grenache), Adams Ranch Vineyard. June 5, 2019, 8:20pm.

Baby Block (Cinsaut), Adams Ranch Vineyard. June 5, 2019, 8:05pm

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