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Ledge Vineyards

Mark Adams
May 1, 2019 | Mark Adams

You Are My Sunshine feat. Les Poissons

Aaaand they're off!

With 4 inches to 2 feet of shoot growth and fan-like leaves in all of our mature blocks, the vines are absolutely going off. The babies from the nursery are also taking well to their new homes in the vineyards. Their little solar panel leaves are out, but the shoots are yet to reach for the sky. By next week that will change. 

In other news, on Monday I was honored to be a part of a round table at Saxum with Justin Smith and world-renowned French wine consultant Phillipe Cambie, who blended a wide array of Saxum barrel samples for the purpose of the Justin Smith / Phillipe Cambie project called Downstream, now in it's third vinatge.  While I have been invited to the blending sessions for all three vintages, it is always an honor to taste through these (around 20) barrel samples and soak up the intelligence and experience of these two masters. This wine, like Saxum is a wine that will be incredibly difficult to procure, but let me not dissuade you. Seek it out. Get on the list. The final blend is other worldly, fresh, complex and elegant. 

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I can take 'em.

Later days and better ways...

Estrella Clone Syrah Solar Panel

The Downstream Team, L to R: Phillipe Cambie, Justin Smith, Sasha Verhage


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