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Ledge Vineyards

Mark Adams
September 2, 2020 | Mark Adams

Strange Days Indeed

This morning the fog was so thick we couldn't see the end of the vineyard. It was donwnright chilly. Come afternoon time I was sweatin' bullets. The diurnal temperature shift has consistently been around 50 degrees, which can be fine if it's from the 40's to the 90's, but when the highs are in the triple digits, we definitely see stress in the vines. This weekend we are expecting temperares to be up to 110 in Paso Robles. Verasion is almost complete in the Syrah, but we have several more weeks for the Grenache and Cinsaut. With teperatures like this we can be fooled by spiking sugar levels in the grapes, so we try to wait for consistently cooler temperatures to prevail before calling a pick. This lets the vines "recalibrate" so to speak. The sugars will go back down a few brix and the composure of the vines will become steady. 

If you haven't received your wine allocation email, we are working on that now. Please make sure to add and to your contacts. We have had a few people find our notification emails in the dreaded junk folder. We always send at least three notification emails out prior to running wine club. This also gives everyone an opportunity to customize their orders. 

If you would like an allocation or to schedule an appointment,  please email either of those addresses.

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