Mark Adams
March 22, 2021 | Mark Adams

Right About Now

Greetings from the Adams Ranch!

Spring has sprang and while the temperatures are still pretty frigid at night, the days have been almost too nice. We could use some more rain, that's for sure. We are on track to prune the vineyard and collect fresh cuttings this week and will be transplanting last year's nursery vines into our meter-by-meter block.

In wine news, a general heads up. Wine club has been released and now is the time to log into your account and customize your orders. 

Now on to fresh flowers!

These purple flowers are called Storkbill Filaree (Erodium botrys) and are native to southern Europe. As adorable as these little fellers are, when they go to seed they make little brown corkscrews that readily cling to flip flops, socks and shoelaces. These and other wildlowers have started popping up and our cover crop is coming in nicely. In the coming weeks we will see all sorts of native and non-native, annual and perennial grasses, flowers, clovers and lugumes carpeted throughout the vineyard.



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