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Mark Adams
July 18, 2018 | Mark Adams

Life on a Farm is Kind of Laid Back (7/18/18)

Today is Wednesday, July 18th, 2018. 

Happy Wine Wednesday!

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John Denver was wrong. Life on a farm isn't really laid back at all. Pictured below, my brother (left) and I (right) wash our pigs in preparation for the California Mid-State Fair. At this point, the process both exhausted and saddened me, having worked all year raising an animal only to take it to the slaughter. The red pig below (a Duroc) was named "Bacon", and I believe it was my second to last show animal. My first was "Joan Jett" after the famous rock singer of the time. As my affinity for these animals grew, I felt the need to desensitize myself and rename them according to their destiny. After Joan Jett came "Pork Chop", "Bacon" (pictured), and finally "Dinner", who was the lovliest and most intelligent of them all.

My daughter recently requested that she not be asked to raise pigs on the farm due to her love of bacon. "I love bacon too much to want to raise pigs, Dad."  

Oh, I get it. I really love bacon too, and I loved "Bacon", and raising these animals emparted a great respect for sustainable, local livestock and agriculture. It was also a good way to earn some summer cash and learn a few valuable life-lessons.

Photo Credit: Mom 




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