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Ledge Vineyards

Mark Adams
December 18, 2019 | Mark Adams

It's All in the Movies


There are only a few seats left for our 5:30pm Ledge Winemaker Dinner at Decker Kitchen in Westlake Village this Sunday 12/22/19. If you would like to try to snap them up, RSVP here: 818.735.9577 or by emailing

We will be pairing 5 wines with 5 courses, prepared by Graham Harris, owner and chef at Decker Kitchen. Graham is an old family friend who actually helped us plant our first block of Syrah here at the Adams Ranch Vineyard in 2005. We also played in a band together. We are close friends and very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. This dinner will kick off an exclusive relationship with Decker Kitchen and Ledge Vineyards, one in which we hold regular wine tastings and winemaker dinners, as well as offer Decker Kitchen some exclusive library wines for tastings as well as for purchase at the restaurant.

Fun side note, next door to Decker Kitchen is the Regency Theater, where I onced worked as an usher tearing tickets and sweeping up popcorn. I should add that I was highly overqualified and applied for this job because the theater chain was owned by Regent Entertainment, who had just won an oscar for the film Gods and Monsters starring Ian McKellen and Lynn Redgrave. My thinking was that if I worked my ass off as an usher, I could gain employment on their productions in Hollywood. The gambit payed off and I soon found myself working on several of their productions in the art department. This eventually led to my working at Sony Pictures as a sound effects editor. This was an amazing time in my life, but one that led me to the realization that I needed to work outside, ultimately on a farm, and with any luck, our family farm in Paso Robles. Thankfully the stars aligned and I was able to invest my time and all available resources into planting and farming the Adams Ranch Vineyard. A huge factor here was that I was able to apprentice at Saxum and eventually become their first employee.

So this humble and artsy corner of Westlake Village holds a very dear place in my heart and we hope that you stay tuned for our future tastings at this restaurant and wine bar. Who knows, maybe we can pop next door and catch a flick at the Regency.  I'll smuggle in the wine.

That's a wrap on this one.

Until next time, we'll see you at the movies.


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