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Ledge Vineyards

Mark Adams
February 27, 2019 | Mark Adams

I Shall Be Released

They say everything can be replaced. They say every distance is not near.


You know what cannot be replaced? The last rare bottles of wine from Ledge Vineyards' current wine offer. It's in your email right now if you are in the know.

You know what distance is not near? The breathtaking beauty of an Idaho River Adventure. Read on, Squire!

Today we sent out our bi-annual wine allocation email, which includes the last of the JBV Grenache Blend (97 pts) and some rare Adams Ranch Vineyard Syrah as well as a few other nuggets (including two new releases).  Our Wine Allocation list gets first dibs, mailing list gets second dibs, lurkers get no dibs. NO DIBS FOR LURKERS. 

As far as the Idaho River Adventures guided tour, this is a 6 day guided tour down the middle fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, complete with a friendly staff who set up camp, cook the meals and take you to some of the best fly fishing and rafting spots on earth. Also included is live entertainment every night and rare wines from Ledge Vineyards.

I'm stoked to be attending and look forward to hanging out with some of you on this adventure!

Want a Wine Allocation? email:

Interested in the Idaho River Adventure?

Both the select wines and the (limited) seats on the trip will sell out.

Act Fast! Join the fun! Get back into life! Captain my Captain! Odelay! Órale! What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Until next week, Earthlings.



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