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Mark Adams
April 15, 2020 | Mark Adams

Fresh Cut Crass


You guys should have purchased this wine when it was available.

Review by Stephen McConnell.

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SOOOOO FRUITY. But not in a *fruit-FWD* way or a Jolly Rancher way, no, this is dark, ridiculously concentrated and plummy fruit but with a sharp youthful edge to it, teetering on fresh-cut crass and even mixing barnyard around with the cherries on top. Nutty gravitas backs up the fruit on the nose almost like Champagne does. Toasted almond and a the pang of thorny berry leave a searing gash freely gushing pink cherry and crème de cassis.

Oh how I love the ways of Tannat. but this is not Basque country here boys & girls–this is pure Californ-i-ay, with barely a hint of rusticity. Straight BLOOD on the nose, a bloody pandemonium of bubbly fruit, but oh so restrained. No chubby cores, no oxidized edges, no cellar floor, no tar & brimstone, no coarseness. That’s a Hugh Johnson word. One I think I might mix into common wine-usage again. “The wines of the Pyrenees are coarser than the rest of France.”

More restraint in the mouth. Paso??? Restraint??? I remember many years ago I posted one of my stupid conversation-points on the facebook–this time about *wines with restraint* from Paso Robles. Of course many many comments later–most of which were ludicrous in their assertions–most of them jerk-off fanbois of a style quite hilarious alongside restraint–Ian Cauble goes, “Ledge.” I was like, WTF is this Mark Adams guy and where do I get these wines?

But wait. We were tasting this wine. Try to focus, Steve. In the mouth, the acid and structure take center-stage. All that fruit sits there and dwaddles in this rich bath of acid, fluxing everything for the application of tannin to follow shortly. Oh but it’s rich and decadent–holy shit one of those wines you just go HOW DO THEY DO THAT. Black cherry, tart and fresh runs rampant, blood orange and oily paprika in a pan. Cool and indifferent to your Paso stereotypes, the light and fresh finish is pure Tannat tannin heroin in a sweet tea package.

Kinda in awe of this wine not gonna lie.

2014 LEDGE Tannat G2 Willow Creek Paso Robles 15.5


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