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Mark Adams
January 24, 2019 | Mark Adams

Bottle up and Go

Everything is fine.

Apparently our satellite office in Philadelphia was concerned about the lack of a Wednesday blog this morning. So, instead of just waiting for it, they ignited their warning beacon. You know what happens with warning beacons, right? Once you light one, the whole chain from coast to coast goes aglow and then the rumours spread about my being kidnapped by a guild of wine-thirsty water nymphs.

The beacon was lit in Philadelphia and rapidly spread to New Jersey, the DC Metro Area, NYC and all of the 5 boroughs, William S. Burroughs (he wrote a dirty poem about my absence), Detroit, Bay City, Grand Rapids and Traverse City, all set their beacons a-burnin'.

"The water Nymphs, m'Lord. They must have taken him asunder! Fire the Beacons!"

Chicago set their torches to the sky, Milwaukee, St. Louis, on down to Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis - they all had their damn beacons blazing. The BBQ pits of Texas were hoisted skyward in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. The meditative Cairns in Arizona were stacked heavenward getting the attention of Paramahansa Yogananda's desciples at the SRF Center in San Diego. From there (as these things go), the emergency response system blazed up the spine of California and to the home office here in Paso Robles. Of course I couldn't stop the chain reaction, so now the greater populations of the Santa Cruz area are taking precautionary bong-hits and San Francisco has gone clothing non-optional. They are going fully nude only - until the wine conjurer is accounted for.

It goes on from there, but I'll not bother you with the international debacle this has grown into.

So, hello, yes, I forgot to post the blog yesterday. Cool yer damn jets. 

We bottled some 500 cases of new wines. They taste awesome. 

Now, can I get back to my water nymphs?

They are thirsty.



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