Mark Adams
April 8, 2020 | Mark Adams

Buena Vista Social Club

Here is a nice review of our 2018 Bien Nacido Block 11 Syrah. Available for delivery in the shop now!


From Stephen McConnell  April 7, 2020

The color on this kinda gives away what it’s got in mind for you. Stupidly florescent purple crimson, day-glow Welch’s with a core of black so moon-less an owl couldn’t see through it. Impenetrable in the nose too–or rather doesn’t allow anything else to penetrate. Carmel-sugar briar, the kind of green buggy stew only arising from flogging brush, spray flying, tight cranberry providing the top layer of bright fruit and dense black licorice-ridden bloody stew blackberry. Lots of air pulls some buttery richness out–all that fruit and spice stays on its blood-orange-zest perch–brooding hand-in-hand with the acid.

I promise I will not use the word BLACK in this review again. Here’s the deal with these wines: Easily one of the best-kept secrets on the Central Coast–if not all of California. These wine lay so far under most serious Syrah collectors’ radar, it frankly shocks me sometimes. And they’re not *that* expensive. Let’s put it this way: if Saxum or Pax or some of Washington’s new darling child’s are in your cellar–or glass–you OWE it to yourself to get these wines. I’ll even promise your money back if not 100% thrilled and converted. *George Zimmer voice* I GUARANTEE IT.

Coy in the mouth. It doesn’t whistle randily at you as you might suspect from the jam-packed nose. Clean and tight and laser-focused. *Thin* isn’t exactly the proper word here, but the amount of transparent fluidity that deposits itself onto the tongue is shocking. The first one-third is ruled by elegant cherry and cola. A streak of sexy bitter raises up–raising the hair on your neck–arcing shark-fin-like from the rear forward, disappearing into the now-chunky fruit roll-up partitions your poor brain is trying to compartmentalize this wine into. Fresh fruit keeps pouring in, obfuscating your attempts to wrap up any thoughts. Sagebrush tannin and herbes de Provence angst prod the wild youthful fruit that has now occupied the finish.

Paso Robles Syrah brilliance meets Bien Nacido. That’s all I’m gonna say. This is a ridiculously delicious wine slaughtering Syrah stereotypes and doing it with such unpretentiousness.

2018 LEDGE Syrah Bien Nacido Santa Barbara Co. 15.5

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Mark Adams
April 1, 2020 | Mark Adams

Long Distance Operator

Hello Friends,

Quick update and then I need to get on the tractor and mow like the wind. The generous rainfall has turned our cover crop into a veritable nitrogen-fixing jungle.


We ordinarily taste by appointment and sell most of our wines directly, but in these challenging times we have opened our online wine shop to the general public and will ship these wines directly to your door. Please review the list and visit the shop at /wines

Currently in the shop:

2018 Bien Nacido Syrah (95-97+ pts Dunnuck) NEW RELEASE
2017 Adams Ranch Vineyard (95 pts Vinous, 94+ pts Dunnuck) NEW RELEASE
2017 Ledge “MCA Cuvée” Red Blend NEW RELEASE
2019 James Berry Vineyard Rosé (Counoise) NEW RELEASE
2017 James Berry Vineyard Rhône Blend (95+ Dunnuck) WINE CLUB ONLY

NOT IN SHOP BUT AVAILABLE BY REQUEST (please email us with a wish list):

2015 Ledge Grenache (95 Dunnuck, 94 Vinous)
2016 Ledge Grenache (94 Dunnuck)
2015 Ledge “MCA Cuvée” (92-94 Dunnuck, 93 Vinous)
2014 Ledge Dante Dusi Zinfandel (91-93 Dunnuck)
2015 Ledge Dante Dusi Zinfandel (NR)
2014 Ledge Vineyard Drive Red Blend (91-93 Dunnuck, 93 Vinous)
2016 Ledge “MCA Cuvée” (93 Dunnuck)

Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

We wish you all well.

Mark and Ciera Adams
Ledge Vineyards

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Mark Adams
March 25, 2020 | Mark Adams

She Sells Sea Shells

A skunk sat on a stump.
The stump thunk the skunk stunk.
The skunk thunk the stump stunk.


We know that all of the current craziness really stinks and we hope you are managing as well as can be expected.

We are trucking along and staying positive.

We will open up the wine shop to the public next week. Wine Club shipments go out this Monday the 30th.

In the meantime, NEWS!

Ciera has been working hard running the business end of things and making sure everyone's wine club orders are properly prepped.  Elizabeth is working on a variety of school projects from home and maintaining a healthy "cyber social life" and I've been working on pruning, building our nursery and preparing to shoot short videos about our wines and the vineyards that they come from.

This is also my favorite time to walk around the ranch and hunt for neat stones and organisms of all stripes. For example, I was delighted to literally stumble upon this volleyball-sized rock today that is loaded with shells. You wouldn't know it. The clams were almost completely covered in sandstone. Elizabeth and I took warm water, vinegar and a toothbrush to it and are excited to clean it up even further.

This is a perfect example of the rare terroir that we have up here at the Adams Ranch, old sandstone and beaches, where our neighbors have limestone, vertebrate fossils and calcareous soils.

A Volleyball Sized Rock Loaded with Shells, Found near the Meter-By-Meter Syrah planting.
Adams Ranch Vineyard (3/25/2020).

Elizabeth and Ciera at the Nursery, with the Lake Block (Roussanne) and Fin (Grenache) behind them. 
Adams Ranch Vineyard (3/24/2020).

Elizabeth at the Ball Field with the Orchard and Fin Blocks beside her. 
Adams Ranch Vineyard (3/25/2020).

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Mark Adams
March 18, 2020 | Mark Adams


Greetings Everyone,

We hope this finds you well and somewhat occupied in these times of separation and uncertainty. We are organizing the house (game closet, pantry, office, shed, attic, etc.) and preparing for bud break in the vineyard. We are happy to report that wine has been considered an "essential" item by the State of California and Ledge is accepting and delivering wine orders.  We will follow up soon with a complete list of wines available for delivery, but do not hesitate to inquire by email with any questions.

Take care out there, 

Mark & Ciera

PS. We havent forgotten about sharing new photos. Stay tuned and we will update this post.

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Mark Adams
March 11, 2020 | Mark Adams

Electric Prunes

Hello Friends,

The vines have been pruned in their various methods (goblet, guyot and cordon), and we are collecting cuttings for the nursery. The cover crop looks great and is loaded with various clovers, grasses and legumes which will remain in place for a week or so longer when we will mow and hoe the vineyard. We are grateful for the rain and hope to get a few more inches this week. Photos to come.

Should you need wine at this time, please contact us, we are delivering - which may be handy as you are likely hunkering down like we are. Wine club will be processed on Monday the 16th, at which time the online store will open and the general public will have access to our inventory. Thanks as always for reading and stay safe out there.

Kind Regards,
Mark & Ciera 

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Mark Adams
March 4, 2020 | Mark Adams

Fly Like an Eagle

These photos were taken today and yesterday on the rancho. Her/his wings make a mighty loud flop. I knew damn well it wasn't a red tail hawk or a buzzard. It is a glorious bird and it is exciting to have this beautiful bald eagle around.


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Mark Adams
February 26, 2020 | Mark Adams

Twilight on the Frozen Lake

North wind about to break
On footprints in the snow
Silence down below
You're beautiful beyond words
You're beautiful to me
You can make me cry
Never say goodbye...


Hello Again,

Quick report from our trip to Michigan: We had a few excellent wine dinners and caught up with a great many friends up there. We had one dinner at The Wrought Iron Grill in Owosso, and another at The Soup Spoon in Lansing. Thanks to all who participated. The below photo is on Reeds Lake in east Grand Rapids, where if you look closely you can see a light green hue. That there is a golfing green. I thought we were crazy playing tree golf back on the ranch. These guys play on this frozen lake and use ice-fishing devices to carve out the holes. Unfortunately I didn't get to play, but the visit was a good one and I look forward to visiting you all again.

Stay Tuned for Ledgefest updates and more. Our next update is March 4th. Bien Nacido is in bottle and wine club is OPEN. Email us for details on how to get the wines

Until next time, stay cool.

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Mark Adams
February 19, 2020 | Mark Adams

Have You Any Wool?

Get ready for a boat load of sheep and alpaca photos. These guys rule. Mom took the photo below. We were preparing our wine club offer today, so we need to put the sheep photos on the back burner for now. Rest assured there are many, many more to come. I'm thinking about starting a separate sheep blog with an emphasis on alpacas. We don't own them (they are here to graze for the season), but we are going to name them. I'm seriously thinking about doing a Barbara Walters style feature on every one of these furry fellers. Stay tuned!

In other news:

Wine Club opened today. Here is what we are sending out.

2018 LEDGE - Bien Nacido Block 11 Estrella Clone Syrah (95-97+ pts. Jeb Dunnuck)
2017 LEDGE - James Berry Vineyard Grenache Blend (95+ pts Jeb Dunnuck, 95 pts Vinous)
2017 LEDGE - Adams Ranch Vineyard Syrah Blend (94+ pts Jeb Dunnuck, 95 pts Vinous)
2017 LEDGE - MCA Cuvée Red Blend (Grenache, Cinsaut, Tannat Blend)
2019 LEDGE - James Berry Vineyard MCA Rosé (Counoise, Cinsaut)

There is still a little time left if you want to try to secure any of the above releases. They will sell out.

We'll see ya later. 

P.S. I see a Clive, an Elton and a Blythe. More soon...

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Mark Adams
February 12, 2020 | Mark Adams


Every once in a while we like to put up rare bottles in the store for purchase.

The online store is open and has some surprises. SHOP HERE

The Ovis are coming, The Ovis are coming!

Next week we will have a flock of sheep grazing and fertilizing the vineyard. Baaaaaaa'd to the bone.

Photos to come next week.

Ledgefest 2 is April 18th.

This is a Private Ledge Vineyards Wine Club Event here at the ranch. Wine Club has priority, followed by mailing list. This will sell out, so jump on the club, or at the very least the mailing list if you wish to attend. Food, drinks, music, games and camping. Five dollars from evey ticket will go to Must Charities and we will be joined by our friends at Bristols Cider House and TDNE Brewery for some beverage variation. Etto Pastificio will be there to keep people fed. Kid and dog friendly, as long as your dogs and your kids are friendly. For more information contact or leave a message at the number on the poster. RSVP notices will go out via email next week. Make haste.


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Mark Adams
February 5, 2020 | Mark Adams

Must Be Doin' Something Right

Exploring All Things Wine
February 4th, 2020

Paso Robles Can't Stop Winning
by Josh Raynolds

Ciera and Mark Adams’ wines are delivering, by my estimation, some of the best bang-for-the-buck wines in Paso Robles. They draw fruit from some of the top vineyards in the region as well as from their own, 40-acre estate, which sits at 1,230 feet in the Willow Creek District and which they have been steadily planting since 2005. The style here straddles richness and energy, even in warm vintage, and the wines are deceptively forward, especially in 2017, which Mark said is ”a hallmark of the vintage,” while adding that “even if they’re less rich than the 2016s, they are still plenty big.” Lots of whole clusters are used here, which is no doubt the reason that the Ledge wines are typically highly and exotically perfumed, with distinct spice and floral character. New oak is always used judiciously, if at all, and I have never noticed it expressed in the slightest manner; on the contrary, even at their ripest these are always among the most elegant and unadorned wines of region, vintage in and vintage out.

2017 Adams Ranch Vineyard - 95pts
2017 James Berry Vineyard - 95pts
2016 Dante Dusi Vineyard - 94pts
2016 MCA Cuvée - 93pts

Please click the Vinous link above for full reviews. Click below to purchase the wines.


The winemaker dinner this Sunday 2/9/2020 at Decker Kitchen is almost sold out. RSVP HERE.


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